Product Innovation Excellence 2019 – Insurance

14th – 17th Oct 2019 | Dubai, UAE


14th – 17th Oct 2019


Dubai, UAE

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Faced with intense competition and changing customer demands banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions today have to incorporate innovative ideas to market their products and services to attract and retain customers. Aggressive technology advancement coupled with escalating customer’s expectations, it is becoming more crucial for industry players to develop innovative products and marketing capabilities to achieve business profitability. Innovations for insurance, learn how to develop your own innovation live in the class, learning the best practise and case studies in global innovation adapted to African and regional conditions. The workshop will also provide you with a detailed process and tools that will improve the effectiveness of product development in your organisation. The most educational and fun course you will ever attend. Be there!!!

  • Provide financial services executives with the knowledge and tools to build products and services that will create a competitive advantage for their business in the digital age
  • Understand what it really takes to become a successful product development professional.
  • Learn about the new world of hyper-innovation and the new digital economy
  • Leverage on the product development capabilities that exist within your organization.
  • Improve your market share and profitability through effective product development.
  • Consider the future of insurance products in the face of ever-evolving social, technological and regulatory change.
  • Explore and learn from case studies which showcase how financial service businesses have innovated to building winning products and services
  • Undertake a study tour of a local start-up business to see firsthand how the new breed of challengers are disrupting the traditional incumbents
  • Learn how to build teams who build innovative products and services
  • Gain a deep understanding of the project lifecycle required to build amazing products and services
  • Develop with other industry thought leaders winning product concepts which you can apply at your bank
  • Learn about building an innovative culture inside your business
  • Learn about key digital practices and explore how they could be applied to building better products and services
  • Adopt a business model that will help turn a bold idea into a driver of profit
  • Create an innovation incubator to fast-track the development of new ideas in the coming 10 years and beyond
  • Hear practical experiences of how to overcome internal resistance to change through case studies, insights and examples from Doug’ real-world projects with leading companies in the B2B and B2C fields
  • Future outlook and opportunities of product innovation
  • CEO, COO, CMO, CIO, Senior Vice President, Group Heads, Directors, Vice Presidents, Managing, Executive, General Manager, Senior Managers, Managers, Senior Executive and practitioners from:
    • Product Development / Product Innovation
    • Product Project Team
    • Product Portfolio Management
    • Product Risk / Product Review
    • Marketing / Channel Marketing / Retail Strategy / Communication
    • Market Intelligence / Market Segmenting
    • Branch Banking
    • Head Actuarial
    • Priority Banking
    • Business Development / Branding
    • Head of Information Technology
    • Bancassurance



  • Insurance Innovation in Development – InsurTech and Beyond
  • Developing Outside Innovation Sources
  • InsurTech, Insurance Innovation Global Case Studies
  • Innovation Once It’s Inside the Walls of Insurance


  • Innovation Leadership for Insurance Leaders
  • Leading Insurance with Innovation
  • Paths to Implementing Innovation Projects
  • Advanced Innovation Product Development Strategies


  • Run the Project like a Startup! [SITE VISIT]
  • Digital and Social Innovation
  • Reality –  Managing Risk vs. Reward for Product Innovation
  • Delivering the Business Case



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