Effective Leadership in COVID–19

11 Sep , 2020   -    Duration :   5-6 Hrs

Effective Leadership in COVID–19

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Above all else, the COVID-19 pandemic is a global health crisis. At the same time, its impact on the global economy is growing exponentially, with short and long term business implications.

Businesses need to appropriately face this crisis. Each level of a corporate structure has its role in responding and ensuring that best practices are adopted and with the right leadership capabilities your organization will flourish rather than flounder. Organizations are networks of conversations, commitments, and relationships and effective leadership drives the conversations that deliver cooperation, coordination, and superior results. This is collaborative capital and is a key source of competitive advantage.

The coronavirus pandemic has been an epic test of character and determination for millions of people around the world. Nothing compares with the sacrifice of workers on the front lines in hospitals and other essential services. In the business context, CEOs have had to cope with extraordinary demands: for them, the pandemic has been an ultimate leadership test.

Throughout your leadership journey, you must continuously assess your plan so that you lead your project to completion on time, and within budget. “40% of new management hires fail within 18 months, 82% of the time, the reason; a failure to build good relationships” - Center for Creative Leadership” What if you knew how others preferred to communicate and you could connect with anyone? Excellent interpersonal communication skills are the most powerful skills you can possess; true for every employee and especially true for managers. In this course, you’ll partner with a colleague to gain deeper insight into other styles. You’ll also learn to connect with a variety of individuals and build relationships. We’ll discuss key leadership This 1 Day Digital Training will focus on how to be productive and resourceful and achieve in this pandemic what is most important; how to engage effectively, authentically and respectfully in the pursuit of business outcomes; how to master the personal transformation needed for collaborative and sustainable relationships; how to translate these outcomes across an organization.

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  • Why Leaders Should Uncover Their Own Self-Awareness
  • The Neuroscience of Behaviour
  • Taking Control of Yourself and Your Professional Relationships
  • Listening Deeply and Openly and Sending Clear, Credible, Convincing Messages
  • Perseverance and Diligence In The Face Of Setbacks
  • Nurturing and Maintaining Relationships, Cultivating A Wide Network, Connecting With Others On A Deeper Level


11 Sep , 2020
5-6 Hrs

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