Managing Loan Recovery & Restructuring Excellence 2020

06 Aug , 2020   -   07 Aug , 2020 Duration :   5-6 Hrs

Managing Loan Recovery & Restructuring Excellence 2020

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The credit market in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East has been growing rapidly in recent years, and the field is becoming increasingly competitive and complicated. Credit processes and assessment standards have been evolving in the two regions, and problem loans and default rates in several countries have been excessive. Regardless of the size and complexity of the transaction which determines the method used in resolving the problem loans, there are common areas of strategy, law, and business skills which must be considered. The experiences of the African & Asian currency crisis and the enormous volume of non-performing loans that emerged from it have provided important lessons in the early recognition, control, and proactive management of nonperforming loans.

This 2-day course is designed to provide Recoveries & Stressed Managers, Heads of Departments, and senior staff with the key skills that they require to manage and operate a problem loan assessment, restructuring & recovery system that uses the optimum combination of automation and hands-on techniques.

  • Agenda

  • Initial Reactions to Early Warning Signs of Distress
  • Develop and Unleash A ‘Top Notch’ Collection Team
  • Dealing With the Most Difficult Customers in COVID-19 Epidemic
  • IFRS 9 (US – CECL)
  • Restructuring Tools and Techniques
  • Restructuring In the ‘Shadow of the Insolvency Law’
  • Out-Of-Court Debt Restructurings- An Overview
  • Restructuring Troubled Infrastructure Projects
  • Exit Solutions: Trading Of Distressed Loans – Transfer Issues Exercise on Debt Trading


06 Aug , 2020
5-6 Hrs

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