Corporate Governance & Director Duties Excellence 2019



Public companies and their directors and officers face increasing responsibilities, and even increased the risk of liability. They are also under intense scrutiny and in at least some cases significant pressure from investors and regulators. Changing investor expectations and increased investor willingness to seek or force change, through activist campaigns and other methods, have changed the environment in which directors and officers and their advisers operate. These developments have been complicated by significant legal and regulatory changes. Corporate governance provides the framework within which directors and officers must operate in fulfilling their responsibilities. In-house and outside advisers are called on both to provide day-to-day counseling and to address crisis situations in the corporate governance context.

This 4 Day Masterclass will focus on the 2019 trends and good practices in Good Corporate Governance and Role of the Management. The 4-Day masterclass aimed to provide you with tips and tools to firmly cement yourself as a strategic advisor and corporate governance champion of your organization. The Four-day workshop will encourage discussions and interactions between delegates and there will be case studies and group work as part of the program.


  • How to Build an Effective Board of Competent Directors.
  • Director’s Duties and Responsibilities.
  • The Challenges And Opportunities Facing Directors And Boards, And How They Should Be Addressed.
  • The Distinction between Direction and Management, and How to Create More Competent Directors and More Effective Boards.
  • How Directors Are And Should Be Prepared For The Boardroom.
  • The Differing Conduct of Successful and Unsuccessful Boards and How to Develop a Winning Boardroom Team.
  • Develop Key Result Areas For Your Board And Individual Directors.
  • Identify The Relevant Legislation Of The Companies Act And The Applicable Guidelines Of Corporate Governance Codes Of Conduct Best Practices.
  • Understand The Correlation Between Good Corporate Governance And Shareholder Value Creation And Wealth Maximization.
  • Handle Director’s Dilemmas and Adopt Approaches That Support Innovation and Business Development.
  • Typical Obstacles To Director Contribution And Board Effectiveness And How They Can Be Overcome.


  • Success and Value through Corporate Governance Best Practices
  • New‐Age Corporate Governance: Embracing the Digital Era in Your Boardroom- Preservation and Planning
  • Strategically Spearheading the Recruitment Process: Building a More Diverse Group of Board Members & Senior Executives
  • Elements to a Robust Corporate Governance: Leadership, Ethics, and Culture
  • Strengthening Bonds through Stakeholder Engagement & Integrated Reporting
  • Detailed Analysis of the Regulatory Environment: Current Acts & Legal Stipulations
  • Establishing Boardroom Excellence and Boardroom Effectiveness
  • Setting Strategy, Deciding On Business Objectives and Aligning With Corporate Culture
  • Navigating the Changing Face of Business – Be the Disruptor and Not the Disrupted
  • Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)
  • Integrity, Ethics, and Fraud Risk Management
  • Leadership Styles and Management Techniques to Enhance Organisational Performance and Engagement
  • Planning For the Future and Looking At Emerging Trends and Changes in Corporate Governance


Course Delivery-01


  • Chairman
  • CEO / COO
  • Director
  • Chief Internal Auditor
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Head of Compliance
  • Head of Finance / CFO
  • Head of Fraud & Inspection
  • Legal Head /Director
  • HR Directors
  • Secretary to Boards
  • Company Secretaries
  • Audit Committee Chairs & Members
  • Regulators
  • Corporate Governance Professionals


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